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​sourced from sustainable forestry
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    We produce and export Hardwood species, such as European Oak, European Ash, European Beech. We also supply other hardwoods such as: Walnut, Cherry, Hornbeam. We always have on stock KD Oak, Beech, Ash Timber.
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    We produce and export Softwood species, such as Fir, Spruce, Pine, and Poplar. Our production for softwood is mainly fresh and AD, however we can also supply KD timber.
​​We are merchants and producers of processed timber such as European OAK timber, Beech timber, Fir timber, Ash timber and many other species of hardwood & softwood. Our main product is European White OAK timber, flooring, glued panels. 

We stock Kiln Dried OAK, Beech and ASH timber, Square edged and Waney edged. All our Kiln dried timber is dried to 8%, maximum moisture content is 10-12% ideal for indoor and out door use. 

For further information or a quotation please email us or fill in our online form. 


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Reclaimed OAK Beams

Fresh Sawn OAK Beams & Kiln dried timber at factory prices
For further details please email [email protected]