White OAK - ASH - Beech - Walnut

Hardwood Timber
We have listed below the main hardwood species that we mostly export, however we can also supply other hardwoods such as: Walnut, Cherry timber, contact us for more information. We always stock KD and AD Oak, Beech, Ash lumber. All our products are from EU. In addition to Lumber we also produce Oak Strips, Lamela, Parquet, Veneer. Please feel free to contact us if you require further information regarding our products.

We produce the following timber:

  • Square edged European White Oak timber
  • Unedged European  White Oak timber
  • Square edged European ASH timber
  • Unedged European ASH timber
  • Square edged European Beech timber (steamed & unsteamed)
  • Unedged European Beech timber  (steamed & unsteamed)
  • Square edged European Walnut timber (steamed & unsteamed)
  • Unedged European Walnut timber  (steamed & unsteamed)

Kiln dried timber:

Our kilning drying technology allows to reduce the moisture to 8% for timber, as for flooring we reduce it to 6%

Air dried timber:

We air dry all our timber prior to kilning, as this makes the timber much more stable during the kiln drying process.