We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are mainly of EU and UK origin.

We can supply many types of Hardwood & Softwood products, mainly Beech timber, European White Oak timber, American Red & White Oak timber, European Ash timber, American Ash timber, Cherry timber, Walnut timber, Teak timber, Iroko timber, Pine timber, Spruce timber, Fir timber, Pulp timber, Hornbeam timber, Steamed Beech timber, and many more species.

If you would like further information and clarification, or interested in a quoation regarding our products please contact us.

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Rough Sawn Timber

Our roughly sawn timber is sold as it is without plaining, however we make sure that all sides are cut precisely.

We also supply S4S in other words means that all four sides of a plank are plained using a plainer, this however involves additional costs.
All four sides are cut to make the timber either a square or rectangleshape. This products is also roughly sawn.


We make solid wood bespoke internal and external doors. We produce our doors according to your preferred desing and size. The main species that we use to produce our doors is European Oak, our doors are made in Croatia. Feel free to contact us for a competitive price and prompt delivery.