Fir - Spruce - Pine - Poplar
We mostly produce and export mainly Fir, Spruce and Pine timber, however we can also supply other softwood such as: Poplar, Alder, Red Pine feel free to contact us for more information. We always stock KD and AD Fir, Spruce timber. All our products are from EU. In addition to timber we also produce Fir and Spruce fixed dimension elements. 
We produce the following Softwood timber:

  • Square edged Fir
  • Unedged Fir
  • Square edged Spruce
  • Unedged Spruce
  • Square edged Pine
  • Unedged Pine

Kiln dried timber:

Our Softwood timber is mainly kiln to 15-18%.

Air dried timber:

We air dry all our timber prior to kilning, as this makes the timber much more stable during the kiln drying process.